birthday girl

"We gonna come together, We gonna celebrate
We gonna gather round, like it’s your birthday"

Bday dress collage



Milly bday dress side


Milly dress pool



Bday flowers

Wearing in Wonderland – Milly "Lydia" dress, earrings (gifted), and Miu Miu heels




Mood – Celebrated and Blessed

Song – Kings of Leon Birthday 






To purchase the dress click below!

all about texture



My friends and family are always making fun of the fact that I don’t like fruit. Occasionally, I will enjoy a strawberry or some blueberries, but throw in anything from the melon family and I’m out.


It’s like biting into multiple layers of water-flavored tissue paper.  AND THEN the melon favor hits you, and I just want to hurl.

But textured shoes, that is something I can get into!

As usual, we’ll start with the expensive ones.  Good news, all the following shoes are on sale!

Love these!  

 I want to run away to Capri in these and end all my sentences with CIAO.

If you would like these in bronze and HALF OFF, check out




Texture AND patent leather?  Momma like.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these Miu Miu’s!  They are a great neutral color that goes with anything and can be worn into fall.  What more does a girl need?





These Pencey platforms would look darling with a sundress now, and perfect with skinny jeans in the fall.  And I’m just a sucker for anything with tassels!  Thank goodness they’re half off.




Whoever thought cheap couldn’t be chic, was sadly mistaken.  These Nine West wedges are under $60 and look like Prada’s to me.


What do you dolls think?

To texture or not to texture, that is the question!




Banana Republic for Mad Men


Exciting news!!!  

Banana Republic will be debuting a Mad Men inspired collection August 11.

Mad men banana republic


 This is good because I need my yearly MM fix!  This summer they were SUPPOSED to start the new season of Mad Men, until a certain creator had to go and ruin everything!   


Since I have to wait until next year to watch my beloved Mad Men, I will be doing more of the following:

                    a)  Drinking (martini, yes please) 

                    b)  Fake smoking (ummm, cancer and wrinkles are not cool)

                    c)  Wearing my hair in an over-sized bun (it's my dirty hair trademark)

                    d)   Pouting like Betty Draper (see below)


Mad men me
Here I am pretending to be Betty so that I could win a Mad Men contest.  I didn't, and yes, I'm still bitter!

(Wearing Mikimoto pearls, vtg ring, vtg coat, Marc Jacobs skirt and Miu Miu chunky heels)


Unfortunately, Banana Republic has not released any clothing pics.  Below are the only ones I could scrounge up, so I apologize for them being blurred and tiny.



Mad men 1

Man men 3

Mad men 2(skinny ties will be $59.99)

Are you dolls excited for this collection?




*Update* for full collection click here!