Banana Republic for Mad Men


Exciting news!!!  

Banana Republic will be debuting a Mad Men inspired collection August 11.

Mad men banana republic


 This is good because I need my yearly MM fix!  This summer they were SUPPOSED to start the new season of Mad Men, until a certain creator had to go and ruin everything!   


Since I have to wait until next year to watch my beloved Mad Men, I will be doing more of the following:

                    a)  Drinking (martini, yes please) 

                    b)  Fake smoking (ummm, cancer and wrinkles are not cool)

                    c)  Wearing my hair in an over-sized bun (it's my dirty hair trademark)

                    d)   Pouting like Betty Draper (see below)


Mad men me
Here I am pretending to be Betty so that I could win a Mad Men contest.  I didn't, and yes, I'm still bitter!

(Wearing Mikimoto pearls, vtg ring, vtg coat, Marc Jacobs skirt and Miu Miu chunky heels)


Unfortunately, Banana Republic has not released any clothing pics.  Below are the only ones I could scrounge up, so I apologize for them being blurred and tiny.



Mad men 1

Man men 3

Mad men 2(skinny ties will be $59.99)

Are you dolls excited for this collection?




*Update* for full collection click here!

Miu Miu Monday


Today is one of those days where I'm feeling creative and I want to get in my studio and paint.  But since I don't have time, I'll just wear my Lover "smock dress" and think creative thoughts.


Miu miu studio 1
Last time I wore this dress I was in a bit of a dark mood (see post, "little vision come shake my up"), so this time I brightened it up with these new "Sandali" polka dot Miu Miu's.



Miu Miu paintings



Miu miu heels close up
Love them next to my unfinished cherry blossom painting.


Miu Miu studio KJL ring

Also wearing Kenneth Jay Lane squid ring.



Mood – Creative

Song –  Sigmatropic Haiku Ten (Featuring Cat Power)



*Shop for Miu Miu below or if in the Oklahoma City area find them at Balliets.*

“I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes”

I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!

- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City


Soooo it would be safe to assume that Carrie and I share the same obsession.  But I don't have $40K to blow on shoes like she did.  How do I feed my need for fashion and not live in a shoe box?

Sales. Sales. And more sales.

Let's break this down… 

Sadly for designers the economy has crushed the fashion industry.  With poor sales looming, designers are forced to heavily discount their goods.  And voila, sales of 50, 60 and 75 percent off can be found at your favorite stores.  In addition, "invitation only" sales have started to crop up. 

Here are a few of my favorite invitation-only sales – just click on the links for an invite.*

My personal favorite is, I get tons of great deals from them and they have everything: women's, men's, children's, accessories, shoes, makeup, home decor, wine, and even vacations!





I love to share good sales with my faithful friends, so check out my facebook page where I post a sale du jour.


Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines with these excellent sale items available today!




And as always… OFF WITH HER HEAD!


Mood – Sales Queen

Song -  Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (my link is down… grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

*Time for the fine print… I receive credit for everyone that buys something from theses sales.  After you sign up and you recommend a friend to join and they make a purchase you will receive credit too!  Most of these "credit"  will give you a one time only discount of $25.  Basically it a win/win situation for everyone.  As Martha Stewart would say, "it's a good thing."

Still need convincing it's not a scam (I was suspicious too) check out this Forbes article…

sale objet du jour – orange Miu Miu edition



For her Miu Miu show, Miuccia Prada showed black and orange as her primary colors for fall. 

(I'm sure you OSU fans approve.)



Miu miu 3


Miu miu fall 1



Miu miu 4



Miu miu fall 2 

Since most of us can't afford these beautiful outfits, we'll have to get our orange fix from somewhere else.


Try this top from Anthropologie…



Antro 1


What a fun little top for these last days of summer. It's orange and has similar pleated embellishments. Pair it with cutoffs and gladiator sandals now and with jeans and a jacket in the fall.


And best of all, it's only $39.


Happy shopping.



Delicious Spread – the “Lunch Break” edition



Being a lover of glossy magazines (and everything in them), I have decided to start a weekly post entitled, "Delicious Spreads" where I will cover the week's best fashion spread.  

This week's Delicious Spread, is brought to you by W's July 2010 issue and is titled "Lunch Break," showing models running around NYC wearing the hottest vintage-inspired fall fashion.

W july 2010 1

I want all of this Miu Miu goodness, especially the orange.

W july 2010 2

Umm, HELLO Kim Novak in Vertigo…

Novak vertigo

…yup, right down to the eyebrows.

W july 2010 3

Yaaaaa, this is a big ole mess.

W july 2010 4

Love all of it – even the Kool-Aid hair.

W july 2010 5

Um… something positive, something positive…  okay, I like the sweater.

W july 2010 6

Just say yes to love and no to Keds, Dolls.

W july 2010 7


 Jason Segel, you rock.

Mood – Mahna Mahna* 

Song - Mahna Mahna – Cake

*If you don't get it watch below…